Our Agents

Brent Casey - Realtor

My passion for the Ozarks runs deep. I was born and raised in the Ozarks and I'm blessed to call them my home. I am a Christian, husband to my wife Kelli and a father to our sons Dustin and Trindon. I take pride in working with my hands whether it's working the land on the farm, DIY home projects, or helping a neighbor find their dream home, there is something beautiful with seeing the end result of your hard work. My family and I enjoy going on "adventures" as my youngest son would say. We enjoy riding horses, hiking, mountain bikes and kayaking on the Buffalo River and fishing on Bull Shoals and Table Rock lakes.

Phone: 870-577-3969
Email: brent@selling726.com

Ryan Thompson - Realtor

I was born & raised in Indiana on a small-town farm. I later moved to Houston, Texas where I met my wife Corinna. I have traveled vast and wide across the US & around the world having many experiences to share. When my wife and I visited Arkansas, we fell in love with the area and decided to set our family roots in the Ozarks and are proud to say that our youngest son was born right here. Being raised on the family farm, I Know the importance of hard-work, diligence and the love to help your neighbor. I am a Christian and a God-fearing man whose faith and morals are strong and enduring.

Phone: 870-416-5123
Email: ryan@selling726.com